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Glory moment: warm congratulations to Huaan on winning the second city's "good faith business".
Date:2018-05-14 09:54    Writer:admin

At 17:30 p.m. on August 8th, Fifteenth "8 - 8 integrity day" thematic publicity activities in Longwan District of Wenzhou city were held in the Yong river mud mud park. In the event, we commended a number of Wenzhou enterprises with excellent performance in honesty and credit, and awarded honorary certificates and medals for the award-winning enterprises. Zhejiang Huaan safety equipment Co., Ltd. was honored.

Wenzhou's "Bai Jia integrity enterprise" is a comprehensive honor named by the municipal government. It is the highest praise for Wenzhou's business integrity. This activity is one of the important measures for the city to push ahead with the construction of the social system and strive to establish a model city of the national social credit system and recast the "credit Wenzhou". According to the "Wenzhou hundred good faith enterprise evaluation method", the enterprise that obtains this title will enjoy the "highest grade preferential policy" treatment, including the tax, the people's Bank and the development and Reform Commission of more than 10 government agencies.

The origin of "8.8 good faith day"

In August 8, 1987, Hangzhou's Wulin Square ignited a lot of flames - more than 5000 counterfeit and shoddy leather shoes produced in Wenzhou were destroyed in public. Overnight, Wenzhou was humiliating by "fake and shoddy" and tasted the bitter fruit of the lack of credit.

In June 6, 2002, the Wenzhou municipal Party committee held a mobilization meeting to build "credit Wenzhou", calling on the whole city to take the initiative to build up "credit Wenzhou". On the same day, Wenzhou enterprises proposed to set Wenzhou's credit day on August 8th each year.

The way of honesty in Huaan

2016 is the beginning of the fourth five year plan of Huaan, Zhejiang. In order to strengthen the spiritual civilization construction of the company, it promotes the construction of enterprise integrity. The company has formulated a series of measures to ensure the fulfillment of various service commitments, strengthen the construction of enterprise culture and strengthen the safety production of enterprises. In order to ensure the completion of the target task of the whole year, the leaders of each department also signed the target responsibility book with each post responsible personnel. By signing the target responsibility book, each task was carried out to every employee, to ensure that everyone was the executor of good faith construction, and everyone was a participant in the construction of good faith.

In the past more than 20 years, Huaan has successively obtained the Wenzhou enterprise technology center, the Longwan District fine management pilot enterprise, the 2013 outstanding enterprise of Longwan District, the 2013 annual star enterprise of the high and new zone, the AAA grade tax credit enterprise of Zhejiang Province, the small and medium technology enterprise of Zhejiang Province, the enterprise credit evaluation of the enterprise, and the enterprise credit evaluation of the enterprise successively. Grade credit enterprises, Wenzhou city in 2008 to create a credit enterprise advanced units, Wenzhou city patent demonstration enterprises, Wenzhou City hundred good faith enterprises, the Ministry of public security police Standard Committee members, China Security Association governing unit, Wenzhou high growth industrial enterprises and many other honorary titles.

The achievements of Huaan can not be separated from the united efforts of the staff of the company, without the strong support of the leaders at all levels. The development of Huaan is the best interpretation of "not to believe not, and not to be honest."

Moral integrity is the foundation of human life. Honesty and trustworthiness are the ways of doing business. Honesty is not only a kind of conduct, but also a responsibility. For an enterprise, honesty is a valuable intangible asset. It is the cornerstone of the development of construction enterprises and the embodiment of the spirit of the industry craftsman. Only by adhering to the good faith, with the good people, opening the market with good faith, can we create an infinite future.