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Zhejiang Huaan solemnly convenes the 2016 annual commendation conference and the 2017 Spring Festival reception
Date:2018-05-14 09:49    Writer:admin
The rooster sings the rhyme, the spring! On the morning of February 11, 2017, the long awaited Huaan company's "2016 annual recognition ceremony and the 2017 Spring Festival reception" was unveiled at the Lima Hotel. This conference is divided into two stages: advanced recognition and spring festival get-together.
At the beginning of the meeting, Wu Lianjie, general manager, delivered a comprehensive summary of the company's work in 2016 and deployed the company's work in 2017. Party branch secretary Wang Zhi and trade union chairman Chen Anzhu spoke one by one. Subsequently, chairman Dai Zhiliang made a passionate Spring Festival speech for everyone.
In the high athletes' March, the company leaders came to the stage to honor the certificates and bonuses for the winning collectives and individuals. Next, the advanced delegates speak on the stage to share their thoughts and experiences with you. They tell us in real action that they will get a harvest if they work hard. For Huaan, 2016 is a year of development and a breakthrough year. All these are inseparable from the hard work of every Huaan people. They have paved a broad road for Huaan with sweat and efforts.
Singing Huaan, dancing wonders. The opening song "no hesitation" brought by Zhang Xiqiu, the engineering department, ushered in gourmet applause, beautiful singing, magic magic, funny sketches, gourd silk, harmonica and martial arts talent show, and the scene of the wine meeting is on and on. The draw was also specially set up in the reception, and the expected awards came one after another. Cash, red envelopes, blankets and other prizes explode the enthusiasm of the audience. This year, there are many prizes. The company has added 50 lucky rewards to everyone.
The monkey is old and the Golden Chicken welcomes the new spring. With the laughter and laughter, Zhejiang Huaan 2016 advanced commendation conference and the 2017 Spring Festival in 2017, the curtain is slowly falling, but the presence of each Huaan people still can not be calm, because it is a laugh, warm, moved, more full of love. Let us look forward to the future of Huaan company.