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Zhejiang Huaan organization personnel to the expansion of the nine carp brook
Date:2018-05-14 09:39    Writer:admin
At 15:30 p.m. on August 20th, 31 employees of the Huaan company set off from the coastal factory area and drove to Taimu Mountain, Fuding.
After more than three hours' drive, we arrived at the nine carp Creek, known as "the first Creek of Chinese sports", to participate in outdoor activities. The nine carp stream is located in the southern part of Taimu Mountain scenic area. This is a natural forest oxygen bar. We have passed the Burma bridge, the river crossing the river, the wall of the flying cornice, the ropes over the river, the floating pile bridge, the hand crossing the river, and hand in hand and so on. We have experienced more than 10 outdoor classic sports events that challenge self and taste life. This expansion training, stimulating personal potential, temper will quality, melting the spirit of the team, is a great baptism of body and mind, is a spirit, a belief, a culture of Huaan, is to further promote Huaan people to do all the power to do all the work.
In this day, we forget our age, forget our job status, forget our living environment and devote ourselves to training. No abandonment, no abandonment, and eventually everyone passed the test.
With the end of outward bound, we have overcome our demons, from inner fear to fearlessness. We have truly realized ourselves, challenged ourselves and surpassed ourselves. In the training process, the time spent together will become a great fortune for everyone.